Impact by Regions, Countries & Territories

UNDP’s Global Programme supports crisis-affected contexts across all regions to strengthen the rule of law and human rights. In this section, we present five regional overviews, detailing our priorities and approach depending on the context, as well as feature select country and territory results from 2021.

Five contexts from the list (Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Mali and Yemen) illustrate the achievements of the Global Focal Point for the Rule of Law (GFP). In peacekeeping missions and transition settings, UNDP’s Global Programme works through the GFP to deliver integrated assistance with our UN partners.

GFP Global Focal Point Highlights

State of Palestine

In the State of Palestine, the Rule of Law and Access to Justice Survey conducted by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics confirmed a trend of the increasing trust in the justice chain. The following data is among the most salient findings of the biannual perception survey (all compared with 2018):

  • Handshake
    13 percent increase in the number of Palestinians who place their trust in the judiciary.
  • Siren light
    10 percent increase in the number of Palestinians who trust Palestinian Civil Police.
  • Hammer and malet
    20 percent more people said they were satisfied with the performance of judges.
  • Weighing scale
    45 percent (12 percent more than in 2018) of Palestinians answered positively when asked whether they believe they would receive a fair trial if charged with a criminal offense.

Such results build on strong synergies within the development community and with national partners that allowed, inter alia, for the specialization of judicial services, which underpinned the swift rollout of the 2016 Juvenile Protection Law and the currently underway establishment of a court in Nablus that will consider cases of violence against women. Moving forward, such work will be further pursued through cross-cutting initiatives ranging from court monitoring and enforcement to the digitalization of court proceedings.

alternative justice mechanisms information session
Information session on alternative justice mechanisms for dispute resolutions.
Ramallah, State of Palestine
Photo: Sawasya