Impact by Regions, Countries & Territories

UNDP’s Global Programme supports crisis-affected contexts across all regions to strengthen the rule of law and human rights. In this section, we present five regional overviews, detailing our priorities and approach depending on the context, as well as feature select country and territory results from 2021.

Five contexts from the list (Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Mali and Yemen) illustrate the achievements of the Global Focal Point for the Rule of Law (GFP). In peacekeeping missions and transition settings, UNDP’s Global Programme works through the GFP to deliver integrated assistance with our UN partners.

GFP Global Focal Point Highlights


In Algeria, UNDP supported the transformation of a Constitutional Council into a Constitutional Court, with extended prerogatives of a guarantor of the Constitution and a regulatory body for the functioning of the institutions. The Constitutional Court was officially established in November 2021, following the amendment of the Constitution in the end of the previous year that enabled this structural transformation in the Algerian constitutional order.

In April 2021, UNDP organized an international conference for legal professionals attended by over 400 lawyers, judges, clerks and students. The practitioners were informed about the avenues to file a lawsuit to the Constitutional Court to challenge legislative provisions if they are deemed unconstitutional.

Following the conference, UNDP supported the organization of two trainings for legal professionals on the work of the Constitutional Court and the appeals process. Eighty lawyers from Algiers, the capital, and the cities of the central regions, as well as all the magistrates and clerks of the Constitutional Court improved their decision-writing techniques and acquired technical skills to process and write verdicts that define whether a law is constitutional or not.

UNDP supported the Government of Algeria in raising awareness, through the official websites and social media, about the constitution process to enhance public understanding of the work of the Constitutional Court and its jurisdiction. The Constitutional Court’s website was updated to present comprehensive and latest information to guide the public on the appeal process for constitutional cases. Since the launch of the website, the number of appeals to the constitutional body more than tripled, from five in 2020 to 19 in 2021.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Constitutional Court, UNDP launched a competition for high school students on constitutional culture. The purpose of this activity was to raise awareness among students and to provide young people with the tools for civic engagement in the future. The first round of this competition saw the participation of 33 students (15 girls and 18 boys) from all over the country, six of whom received awards for their projects.

Congratulating the 3rd winner of the competition
UNDP Resident Representative in Algeria congratulating the 3rd winner of the competition on constitutional culture.Photo: UNDP

Key Results: Algeria

1,800 views of the Constitutional Court website were registered per month.

The number of appeals for constitutionality more than tripled in 2021, from five in 2020 to 19 in 2021.

In 2021, the three decisions of the Constitutional Court on unconstitutionality were made public through the UNDP-supported website.